We develop custom enterprise cloud software to connect your entire business together via the web.

Custom Software Development

We build applications from the ground up custom-tailored to your business, your process, your way of doing things. You don't have to conform to box solutions and have the burden of training your staff. Let your staff train us!

IT Strategy Consulting & Process Audits

Does your IT situation leave you feeling lost? Stop Worrying! Let us help you navigate the treacherous waters of IT. Work with us to find your path to IT bliss by understanding your unique processes.

Web Based Freedom in The Cloud

Our custom-built enterprise software is all Cloud based and accessible from the browser. No more special software to get at your data. Access your data anywhere, from any device, all the time.

Mobile isn’t an afterthought

All of our work involves a mobile strategy from the ground up. Our web apps work on all devices by design. Your app will work just as well on your phone on the go as it does on your computer in the office.

Our Glorious Team

We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them.


Shaun Pennell

Founder & CEO


Charlie Zilvytis



Nasir Imbrahim



Joel Trischuk

Project Manager


Praveen Perera



Ryan Pennell



Wayne Patrickson

Graphic Designer


Jenny Whaling



Andrew McLeod

Account Manager


Diane Pennell

Lead Generation


Spruce Dog

Pet Relations




About Us

Smart - Agile - Imaginative

  • The pace of business and innovation is accelerating as exciting new technologies like mobile, cloud computing and social networks are transforming how people live and do business.

  • We provide a single point of contact for all of your IT needs by connecting your entire business together via the web. We also work with you to integrate different areas of Internet technology so everything functions in unison; including IT strategy consulting, software development, graphic design, mobile app development, Internet marketing & advertising, e-commerce, game development, networking, tech support, video editing, audio design & editing, photography and cloud computing infrastructure.

  • We partner with forward thinking firms that are looking to improve their business efficiency by leveraging technology, without wanting to become technology experts. We want to make it easy for your business to adapt and harness new technologies so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

What We Do...

  • Take your business to the next level with our IT Strategy Consulting. Navigate the treacherous waters of IT with seasoned professionals at your side.

  • Build the next great thing with our Custom Software Development services. Have an idea? Let us turn it into reality!

  • Are you lost in the woods when it comes to your IT infrastructure? Our IT Process Audits will help you figure out where you are and where you need to be to reach your short and long term goals for your business.

But We Also Do...

  • Need software that can get the most out of the iPhone, iPad or Android device? Our Native Mobile Application Development can make the most of iOS and Android to unleash the power of your app on all devices.

  • We can even help you with your Marketing/Advertising Strategy to get your product in front of as many people as possible.

  • Need a little extra polish in your advertising or marketing strategy? Our Videography services will help you create the pitch-perfect video to showcase what you do.

  • Let us take care of the headaches of maintaining your website or web applications online! Our Web Hosting and Support packages let you hand off the management to the pros (us!).

...and how we do it

  • We take a deep dive on your processes to truly understand your business before we offer you solutions. Our custom solutions only give you exactly what you need, without the extra fluff.

  • We work with you to have a bigger plan for IT beyond software and hardware tools. How do you plan to stay competitive using the latest technology? Let us help you figure that out.

  • Most of our clients work with us long-term and come to see us as their full-service contract IT department.

  • Does your lack of knowledge about IT keep you up at night? Not to worry, we’ll have you sleeping like a baby in no time with our down-to-earth common sense approach to solving problems with technology.

It’s the experience, skills, attention to detail, and crystal clear communication with our customers that put us ahead of our competitors. We understand the importance of reliability and accountability to our customers. We know that our clients depend on our services and our advice as an investment in the future of their companies. And we know that the proposition of spending your hard-earned capital on IT can seem a little daunting and feel risky when you’re relying on a 3rd party to design a solution for you.

It is not worth it to put the future of your company in the hands of the lowest bidder.

It may feel like you’re reducing risk by reducing cost, but it’s truly the opposite. Going with a less experienced firm may save you a buck in the short term. But IT – and the decisions you make regarding it – shapes the possibilities for your company in the long run. We have helped numerous companies discover the power that a well-considered and experience-based IT strategy can bring them – both now and for the long haul.

Insights and experience from the past 15 years have taught us a lot about our clients and their needs. We have heard time and time again our clients’ frustrations with bargain basement IT firms who have grossly mishandled projects, either taking 3 or 4 times as long to deliver or delivering something that completely misses the mark and fails to provide an appropriate solution. Those failures end up costing much more money and time in the long term.

Talk to our clients and they’ll all agree that spending a little more with an experienced IT firm ends up costing less in the long run. The days of using IT solutions as a quick fix are gone. A good IT strategy is a solution for the issues of the today and preventative maintenance for the unknown challenges of the future. Done well, your IT infrastructure will grow organically with your business, keeping your team efficient and giving you access to the data you need to make good business decisions.

We really do empathize with our clients who took the cost-sensitive route when taking over botched IT projects. We get it. That failure hurts and makes business owners gun-shy in the future. But IT isn’t an option anymore. It’s a required part of every business in today’s hyper-competitive market, regardless what industry you’re in. You need a professional IT strategy and solid IT infrastructure. And instead of muddling your way through with the bargain bidders, hire a team that will take the time to understand your business and its future, and custom tailor solutions around it.

This is what Pennell Inc. does.

IT Strategy Consulting & Management

Ruby on Rails Development

Custom Web & Mobile Applications

IT Infrastructure & Process Audits

Our Rates

Software Development
(Fixed Price Model)

$160/Team Hour
  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • Best for small to medium size projects with clear goals
  • Scope change mid-project is more costly to implement
  • Typically preceded by a Discovery phase pre-project to gather requirements and determine accurate estimate
  • Our clients usually start here and end up with the monthly retainer model

Software Development
(Monthly Retainer Model)

$130/Team Hour
  • 1 Developer
  • 1 Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • Monthly retainer – good for long-term large projects that require flexibility
  • Ideal for iterative development/design processes without pre-determined success criteria or definite functional goals
  • These types of projects usually deliver the most polished and usability-focused applications

Discovery/Process Audit (Fixed Price Model)

$160/Team Hour
  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 1 Project Manager/Business Analyst
  • Discovery = short pre-project to do in-depth requirements gathering and design/planning in order to mitigate risk and reach a realistic estimate
  • Process Audit = Deep dive into your processes to determine how improvements to your IT infrastructure can increase efficiency
  • Length of Discovery/Audit varies according to complexity

Our Process

We ensure quality & support. Check out our 4-phase process.

Phase 1 - Inception

Requirements Gathering and Planning

This is where our companies first shake hands. We have approached you or perhaps you’ve been referred to us – either way, we’re not friends… yet. This is where we both get a better understanding of each others’ businesses and how we can work together. We learn more about you and the problems you’re facing and you learn more about us, our experience working with companies like yours, and the solutions we’ve provided in the past.
During our initial meeting and follow up conversations, our goal is to understand the needs of your company and translate those needs into an actionable timeline for developing a solution. At this point however, we are just ballpark estimating. As we’ve all been forced to learn - the devil is in the details. Ballparks are well and good for determining if our companies are a good fit in the first place, but they don’t have the level of detail required to ensure an accurate timeline or costing estimate on the project in question. That level of detail is necessary to make sure we both know what we’re getting into before we take the plunge.
After the first meeting – and possibly one or two more conversations depending on the scope of the problem - we will prepare and present you with a Discovery Proposal. This document gives you the ballpark estimate of project scope that we think will result in the solution your company is looking for. This ballpark estimate is meant to pique your interest and let you know that we understand your needs and are capable of delivering. We will also provide you with an estimate on a short Discovery Project. This is all we’re truly proposing at this stage in the process. Acceptance of the Discovery Proposal does not start the implementation of the project just yet. What you’re agreeing to is a short planning and investigation project that will let us work closely with you and your team to take a deep dive on your processes and truly understand the problems you’re facing and come up with a well thought-out and documented solution with clear timelines and accurate costs.

Treated as a paid mini-project, the purpose of Discovery is to give you an accurate view of what is required from both of our organizations in order to make the project a success. This might include meetings with different levels of employees from your company, a walkthrough and dissection of your company’s processes, and investigation into your current IT infrastructure. Essentially, Discovery produces a high-powered checklist that will turn into a project plan when the implementation project starts.

Discovery Projects are usually only 2 or 3 days but can be longer for more complex projects. The first day or so is devoted to meeting with you and your team and delving into the problem we’re going to solve, how your processes around that problem work (or should work), and brainstorming about the specifics of how our solution will solve the problem and how people will use it. The rest of Discovery is where we go back to the office and our team concentrates on creating a high-powered checklist detailing what we’ve learned, how our solution will be designed and executed, and how it will function once it’s in your hands. We call this checklist the Statement of Work (SOW).

Phase 2 - Implementation

Development and Implementation

Once you accept the Statement of Work, the scope the project has been defined in detail and the rubber really starts to hit the road. All of our projects are designed, scheduled, and staffed to meet deadlines and exceed expectations as a matter of course. A standard lead time from the Statement of Work being accepted to the project beginning is within 30 days. This lead time allows us to match the best in-house resources to fit the particulars of your project. It’s all about assembling the right team to ensure the successful completion of your project. Sometimes that means waiting for a particularly appropriate developer to become available. Getting the team right avoids risk and saves time. Of course, if you’re on a tight schedule and you need the development to start sooner, we can work with you to accommodate your deadlines.

As you may know, with us you get an entire team consisting of at least one Developer, one Quality Assurance member and one Project Manager. Larger projects may result in larger teams, but you’re always going to have one Project Manager. This person is your single point of contact throughout the project. Having one point of contact streamlines communication and allows for a fluency in cross-company language to develop as the project matures. However, one primary point of contact does not mean the rest of our team has forgotten about you. If you run into problems, both the Director of Development and Director of Sales are there to ensure any derailed projects get back (and remain) on track.

Your project is divided into development milestones that make up the entire project roadmap. There are several reasons for this. First, it lets us communicate progress to you along the way. Sometimes, real world requirements and technical requirements don’t match up perfectly in terms of the amount of heavy lifting required to get the job done, this will all be laid out in your Statement of Work, and it will let you monitor the success of the project as it goes along, no matter what the requirements. Second, it allows you to budget and plan for updates from us and make sure your internal resources are lined up when needed to keep the project on track. Finally, milestones help keep the scope of the project realistic, by identifying the key targets for each milestone in the Statement of Work, we’ve identified what your expectations are at that milestone point in the project. As we’re building this project, your business will continue to grow and your priorities and thoughts will be pulled into different directions. Having pre-determined milestones helps you re-focus on the expectations for this project, separating those expectations from future development plans. Milestones will all come with meetings with your Project Manager to discuss the above mentioned items and targets, and depending on the type of milestone a demonstration for users may also be included.

Phase 3 - Testing

Throughout Testing and Acceptance

Once all Development Milestones have been completed and the solution matches the requirements as laid out in the Statement of Work or subsequent approved change requests, the development cycle is complete. We’ve completed all of our internal testing and verified that the solution is working as specified in the Statement of Work. This is when we give you a demo of the complete application working so you and your team know how to use it and can complete your User Acceptance Testing.
Once we’ve given the project the thumbs up from a developer’s point of view, we turn it over to your team for User Acceptance Testing (or UAT for short). This may happen at the end of each development milestone, or just at the end of project development, or both. Depends on the size of the project. This is a critical time to get your team involved in using the program as designed and identifying gaps between the way the project is developed and your team’s workflow. For instance, your sales management team might mention that they need to click three times to get to a commonly used report, and it would be great to have a link to that report on the program’s main page. Details like this may not be captured in the Statement of Work, but can make big impacts on your team’s productivity. At the end of the User Acceptance Testing phase, the project is considered complete and has been ‘accepted’ by your company and your team.

Phase 4 - Delivery

Deployment and Follow Through

Once you give your thumbs up and consider the project functionally complete, we then prepare the product to migrated from a development environment to the final production environment. The production environment is the server where the product will live and where you will access for day-to-day use. There are some differences between development and production environments so when we move the product there we go through another complete round of testing to make sure nothing broke in transit.
Deployment is when we ‘turn on’ the product for your everyday use on the production server. The data entered and accessed is live data that you’ll use to run your business so no testing can be done on this server. We still maintain the development server so we can make and test changes and fixes before we push them live to the production environment. We can also set up a “staging” server for both our teams to use as test sandbox server where the data is very similar to the production server data but it’s safe to play around in without risk of affecting your actual data.
We do not typically provide extensive end user training on our software because our design principle is one of simplicity. Our products are typically designed to be easy to learn and intuitive to use. Of course, we are happy to show you the ropes. We offer support and end user training packages as an additional service. You may wish to have this included in your Statement of Work, or it can be tacked on any time you wish.
Like the user training, our products are typically very intuitive and don’t need a manual to refer to. However, if you do require end user documentation, we are happy to provide it as an optional project deliverable. This can be tacked on to your project SOW or completed as a separate follow up project.
If the product we’re creating for you isn’t for your own internal use but rather to sell in the marketplace, we can provide guidance and advice on appropriate Marketing and Advertising strategies specific to the type of product we’ve developed together.
We stand by our work, and after you sign off on the completion of the project, what we call a Warranty Period begins. During this time it’s up to your team to make a note of any ‘bugs’ that are in the system. Bugs are defined as problems with the product that directly contradict the requirements as laid out in the SOW or subsequent agreed-upon changes. These types of things are covered in our warranty, but alterations to the product beyond the scope of the project are not. Although we expect that you’ll be completely satisfied with the project at completion, we’re more than happy to provide this additional safety-net for you and your company to get the product you deserve. You have the Warranty Period to report all bugs, after which we’ll triage them and produce one more version of the product that resolves all the valid bugs.

Don't just take our word for it

"We have contracted Pennell Inc. since 2006 for high level IT consulting & development which has helped us build our company from the ground up. We would not be where we are today without the expertise of Shaun and his team."

- Director of Operations Active Energy Inc

"We used to use old forms of technology including a large amount of paper until Pennell Inc. designed a custom software system that automated our processes and digitally connected all our our departments and locations together. Now we operate at a higher level. Thanks for bringing our company into the 21st century!"

- Purchasing Director Adams Thermal Systems

"Shaun closely worked with us to bring our outdated website into the web 2.0 era, bringing with it a much needed face lift and a much more pleasant user experience. We have seen increased web traffic to our site and more user engagement ever since. Thank you Shaun for making the whole process as easy as it was!"

- James Attridge Attridge Transportation

"Pennell Inc. designed my amazing new website to help promote my Mixed Martial Arts career! Way better than I expected! I didn't know where to start so they took care of everything from beginning to end. I totally recommend these guys! Thanks for the sponsorship!"

- Adam Assenza Maverick Performance
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